Just Launched My New WordPress Theme

I have had a web site for several years. The main purpose of my original web site was to promote my freelance work. A few months ago, I decided to retire my original site for a few reasons such as branding, business scope, and because I have chosen to take on a few new web projects. So, I decided I would create a new web site that would serve as my personal web presence.

About six weeks ago, I finally had time to start working on my new web site. I decided that I would use WordPress as my new web site’s content management system (CMS). I had used WordPress to manage the blog section of my old site, but had not yet used it as a full CMS.

After coming up with a few designs, I settled on one and began coding the site. I just finished coding my site today. Well, I should rephrase that, I launched my new web site today even though it is not quite ready. I still have several items to clean up, but I thought it was pretty close and I wanted to get it launched (plus, my audience isn’t all that large anyway).

So, without further ado…welcome to my new WordPress theme!

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