A Survey of Web Site Design and Development Professionals

Do you work in the field of web site design and/or development? If so, have you ever wondered or wanted to know more about the tools and techniques that other professionals in the web site design and development industry utilize from day to day? Well, now’s your chance!

Web Directions South, a blog about web site design and development written by Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp of Australia, recently conducted a survey targeting web site design and development professionals throughout the world.

The goal of this “state of the web” survey is to try and get behind the statistics, and get a sense of the philosophies and techniques as well as the technologies, that web designers and developers are using today. Over time, hopefully we’ll be able to track changes in how web professionals design and develop for the web.

I took part in this survey and from what I’ve read so far, it’s a nice resource with some interesting findings. So, I thought I’d share for any of you who weren’t aware of it and are interested in the field of web site design and development. Enjoy “The State of the Web 2008” survey results!

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