A Great New Group of Inspirational Niche Gallery Websites

As a designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration. For me, inspiration can come from many places. It can come from nature while I am outside taking my dog for a walk. It can come from the music I am listening to or a video I am watching. Inspiration can even come to me while I’m reading a book. When it comes to website design projects, I often turn to website design gallery sites for inspiration. There are many amazing designers and artists out there creating beautiful sites. Recently, a new group of website design galleries was launched by Steven Snell of Vandelay Design and DesignM.ag.

After checking Steven’s website galleries out, I wanted to share them with you. One of the great things about the galleries Steven has created is that each focuses on a specific niche. When looking for inspiration for a specific project, I am usually looking for a site that serves a similar purpose to the website I will be creating. Many gallery sites are more general in nature. So, I find myself spending a lot of time looking around. While I enjoy viewing these sites, it’s not always the most productive use of my time. Having specific niche galleries is a great way to focus your inspirational search on a specific type of website.

I am also very interested in the idea of creating a network of niche sites. I have some ideas of my own in this area. So, not only is Steven’s work inspirational from a design perspective, but also from a site network perspective. I need to flesh out my plan a bit more, but the general idea is to create a network of niche websites that combine two of my passions.

Here are the gallery websites that Steven created. I encourage you to check them out. Also, don’t be bashful, submit your own sites! Just click on the images below to visit the sites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and that you’ll bookmark and refer back to them as I will. Oh, I forgot to mention, each site has a Twitter account as well. So if interested, be sure to follow them!

Blog Design Heroes

Blog Design Heroes

“Blog Design Heroes is a web design gallery that focuses on showcasing the best blog designs. Our gallery includes blogs of all kinds, using all different blogging platforms.”



“TypeInspire is a showcase of typography. Most of the items that are featured here are the work of graphic designers and web designers. We hope that TypeInspire will provide you with the design inspiration that you need to create excellent typographic works of your own.”


Folio Focus

“Folio Focus is a web design gallery that exists to showcase excellent portfolio sites. Here you will find the best collection of portfolio sites from web and graphic designers, photographers, and other professionals that use a portfolio site.”


Cart Frenzy

“CartFrenzy is a web design gallery that showcases the most well-design e-commerce and shopping websites. While there are many general web design galleries out there, CartFrenzy exists for a specific purpose, to provide design inspiration for those who are creating e-commerce sites.”

Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit

“Minimal Exhibit is a gallery that exists to showcase the best websites that feature a minimalist design style. Minimalism can bring great elegance, beauty, and usability to a website, so we hope that you enjoy the collection of sites found here.”

Do You Know of Other Good Gallery Sites?

I’d love to hear your thoughts or recommendations for other website design gallery and showcase sites. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Ryan,
    Thanks so much for the mention and for the links, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m glad you find the galleries useful and I’m confident that they will become a great resource over time as the archives are built up.

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