Participation: Is It the Key to Interactive Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Over the past several months, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Well, it’s maybe not so much a phenomenon as it is an occurrence I’ve been noticing. With the extremely rapid growth of social media over the last few years, I’ve noticed many people claiming to be “experts” in this field. I also see many managers claiming to or acting as if they “get” interactive marketing and social media. When in reality, I don’t believe they do “get it” at all.

So, this has brought up a question in my head that I am interested in getting feedback from others on. In order to be successful at managing interactive and social media tactics, does one have to be a regular participant in these activities? In other words, how important is it that managers/leaders live and breath the strategies that they are responsible for developing?

I think it’s an interesting question. I am the type of person that when something interests me enough for me to pursue it, I typically immerse myself in the subject. Whether it’s a hobby or career interest, when I am really intrigued by something I put time and effort into learning as much as I can about the subject. However, with the amount of new technologies and information out there, it’s very often difficult to really keep up with all of the areas that interest me.

So my question to you is this, can a person be good (or great) in a domain without being a regular participant in that specific domain? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    IMHO, if someone is to be an SEO strategist, he/she shall be keen on getting the info, practicing the possible new ideas on how to enhance the theories and make them happen. If they are going to be credible in their field, certain amount of enthusiasm is required. So, participation is involved, if you wish to be relevant in your posting about that particular field.

    I believe there are no real ‘experts’, unless that particular field has ended with no more resources to discover or dig into. I’m fascinated with what the specialists ( a much preferred word) are sharing; but interestingly I could still find many non-self-claimed-specialist bloggers are giving more relevant ideas than the so called ‘experts’.

    Having a passion of what you’re writing is a good start. And as time goes by, who knows? You could even be a specialist in your field. ^^

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