Creating a New WordPress Theme

Fortunately, I have been inspired to push myself a bit harder with regards to blogging. Hence, I have switched from my old site, Rhyno Design, to this new personal site. The unfortunate thing is that my first priority is to create my own customized theme for Wordpress and that takes time. So, I will not be posting too much here until I have my plan in place and a new theme designed (yes, I have a few designs mocked up…but I need to choose the final design and get it coded up). So, there’s more to come. Please stay tuned and stop back!

A Great Resource for Freelancers of All Shapes and Sizes

Late in 2007, I came across the website I was looking for resources and more information about freelance website and graphic design. There are numerous resources on the Internet, however, I was really drawn to I think what got me at first was the website’s design. I’m a sucker for good design. If a website is not designed well, I will not stick around. However, after visiting the site a few times, I realized that the writers were providing quality content in addition to the nice user interface design.

Welcome to My Notebook

I’ve been sporadically blogging for a few years from my old website, For several years, has been my personal web presence. It has served as my portfolio site, a testing ground, a place for learning, as well as a place to market myself as a freenlance web site and graphic designer. Well a few months ago, I came to the conclusion that Rhyno Design, while catchy (…to some…maybe…), was not quite the brand name for me or my future business aspirations. So, I made the decision to focus my efforts on a few new projects instead.