Participation: Is It the Key to Interactive Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Over the past several months, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Well, it’s maybe not so much a phenomenon as it is an occurrence I’ve been noticing. With the extremely rapid growth of social media over the last few years, I’ve noticed many people claiming to be “experts” in this field. I also see many managers claiming to or acting as if they “get” interactive marketing and social media. When in reality, I don’t believe they do “get it” at all.

Bloggers: Learn to Build a Better Blog in 31 Days

Blogging has grown to become a hobby for many web enthusiasts throughout the world. For many, blogging has actually become a way to earn a full-time income. While the vast majority of bloggers do not set out to earn money through blogging, it has become increasingly realistic for dedicated bloggers to make some decent money through their blogging efforts. While I am by no means a professional blogger, I am very interested in the idea of being able to earn money while pursuing one’s passion.

Top-of-the-Line Texture and Background Image Resource Websites

I am currently working on a new website design project. For this new project, I decided I wanted to play around with using a real-world texture or photograph as a prominent part of the background. This is a trend that’s gained quite a bit of momentum over the last year. So, I thought I’d play around with the idea for at least one of the concepts I design for this project.

Working Through a Logo Design Project: The Process

Now that school is completed for the summer, I am able to focus on some personal projects that I’ve had to put off while school has been consuming most of my non-working hours. I am currently working on my master’s degree. While I love school and am learning tons, not only about business, marketing, and advertising, but also about myself, I hate the fact that it eats up so much of my time. There are several projects that I’ve had to hold off on starting while in school. So, I decided not to take any courses over the summer so that I can focus on the projects I’ve been putting off.

Celebrate the Art of Music on Record Store Day

Growing up, I was always drawn to music. I still remember the first walkman I received. My walkman gave me the ability to take my music, the custom playlists I would spend hours putting together by recording my favorite songs from multiple casette tapes, with me where ever I went. Music has always been a great escape for me. It’s funny that it took me until later in life to truly realize the impact music has played in my life.

A Great Tutorial Site for Learning Photoshop, Photography, Blogging, & More!

I make it a habit of trying to read a new quote everyday. Actually, I post the quote I read to my Twitter account everyday (if you’re following me and this annoys you…I apologize). Basically what I do is to look up a quote on whatever topic I am thinking about at the moment. Lately, I’ve been thinking about continued education and the desire I have to continually push myself to learn new things. The other day, I read a quote from Henry Ford in which he stated “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” What a great, and very true, statement!

10 Great Website Design Gallery Showcases

Inspiration is a key component in the design process for me. Creative block seems to rear its ugly head in the most inconvenient times. In order to get back into creative flow, I’ll utilize many different sources of inspiration. Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting up from my desk and taking a walk outside. Other times, I’ll listen to different types of music. One of the chief sources of inspiration I turn to for website design projects is to look at the work of other leading designers.

Vote for the Top Web 2.0 Apps and Web Services in CNET’s Webware 100

Back in 2007 CNET started an award program called the Webware 100. This is CNET’s annual program in which CNET readers are encouraged to select and vote for the top web applications and web services out there today. Readers are able to vote for their picks from the list of 300 finalists selected by CNET. […]