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Looking for a Truly Integrated Online Marketing Solution?

How many separate online marketing tools do you use on a daily or weekly basis? If you are like me, you unfortunately have to manage multiple accounts from an assortment of vendors and separate businesses. There’s a google account to manage your Adwords campaigns and your website analytics. There’s the email service provider account you…

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Blogging About Web Startups and Web Business

For all of you bootstrappers out there, I wanted to share a fairly new blog that I think is a great resource. The blog is called The Netsetter and it is written by Collis Ta’eed. In case you haven’t heard of him, Collis started and runs a network of successful niche blogs including,,,,, as well as several others through his startup business, Envato.

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Twitter…Is It Dead?

After picking up dinner on my way home from work tonight, I came home to my wife watching E! News. I sat down with her and began to watch. Not really paying attention, all of a sudden I heard the word “Twitter” come out of Giuliana Rancic’s mouth. I immediately started paying attention. Giuliana was talking about an interview she had just done with Julia Roberts where she accepted questions via Twitter. Initially, I thought the concept was cool. I guess I still do, however, upon learning that Giuliana and Ryan Seacrest both have Twitter accounts I couldn’t help but think…Twitter is dead.

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